Somone is Impersonating One of My Clients Company?

Good Morning All

I have come across a situation I have never come across before. One of my customers has been alerted to the fact that someone is impersonating their company.

Their domain is

Another company have received an email from and they claim to represent the company. Would it be possible to be provided with advice on the way to proceed here?

Many Thanks for any assistance

Have you looked at and compared the two websites themselves? Are they literally posing as your client’s (on the .eu site) or is it a legitimate, unrelated business?

The email could’ve come from anyone spoofing as the address, it doesn’t have to have been them.

If there’s a website set up to mock your client’s and users being emailed, I’d say you should try to get whatever type of takedown notice you can over there, and if there’s any business papers filed, maybe a court action - but you’d have to look into all of that locally. If it’s just someone sending spoof emails, that’s much harder to stop… definitely might want to consider advising clients to pay attention to the address of the sender, and when in doubt, they can always call your client directly…

Thank you Jefferylees, that is much appreciated

The website has no content, but the .eu domain has indeed been purchased and it seems they are emailing from that domain?

Is there a way that I can tell if they are spoofing or genuinely sending from the domain? Would that make any difference anyway?

Thanks again

Check the email headers - it should contain a list of all the servers the email passed through on its way. If you get to a fake server in the list then you know that it didn’t originate where it claims to have come from.

If there’s not a genuine business using the domain, probably doesn’t make much difference. But it doesn’t hurt to look and know, as @felgall indicated.

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