Some Staff Changes

I have some good news and some bad news.

Bad news first.
After a very long time as Team Leader of the Community team, SpikeZ is stepping down to the role of Advisor. Mike took over as TL when I stepped out of the role around 5 years ago and has been a solid part of my team since then. Huge thanks for all your time as one of my trusty wingmen Mike. You’ll be missed.

In more bad news, ServerStorm is also stepping down from his role as Team Leader of the Hosting team. Steve has only been in the role for a short time but brought great energy to the team and will also be sorely missed. He will be stepping off staff due to time constraints.

And for the good news.
Guido2004 has stepped up into Mike’s role and cpradio into Steve’s role. Please join me in congratulating them.

Congratulations @guido2004 and @cpradio. :tup: You both have a hard act to follow, as Mike and Steve will be sorely missed, but if anybody can fill their shoes, you two can. :slight_smile:

Congratulations @guido2004 and @cpradio . I wish you the very best in your new positions. :tup:

Congrats @cpradio; and @guido2004; ! Well deserved indeed!

Congrats Guido and Matt you will both do great in your new roles!

Congratulations on the promotions guys :slight_smile:

Good luck guys, I had a blast but need to recharge for a bit!