Changing of the Guard

Yup, there are more changes on the horizon, but this time they are not software related.

I am incredibly happy/sad to announce that I am stepping down from my position as Galactic Overlord of these forums.

I have accepted a position as Head of Community at Feverbee, where I’ll be primarily responsible for the strategic management of CommunityGeek. They have a pretty amazing reputation around community circles, so it’s a very exciting career move for me.

In a couple of weeks I’ll hand over the reigns to my trusty right-hand man @ralphm, who will hold down the fort until such time as my replacement has been signed up.

Thanks to every one of you that has been a part of this journey. I feel proud of all that we’ve achieved over the last 12 months, and I will walk away from this place feeling immensely satisfied.

If you want to stay in touch, you’ll find me here.

It has been an honour.


Good luck for your futur life!
Thanks 4 all!

See ya.

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You are leaving on good terms and it’s great to see that you are moving up and have accepted a great job you are excited about. Congratulations!

@HAWK, I hardly knew ye, but it’s still sad to see you go.

Still, hopefully things really are greener on the other side of that fence.



I feel that these news were more appropriate for Blue Monday (at least, on my side) but it will be cool to have a famous, popular friend that will invite me to San Francisco from time to time.

@Hawk, it’s great to have you around but now it’s your time to shine…

Getting through all the design changes and migrations has taken a lot of patience, hard work and lots of handling. Working there is going to be a piece of cake now :wink:

Thanks for everything… and yes, I’ll be following you :smiley:

Thanks Ryan, much appreciated. :smile:

[quote=“WolfShade, post:5, topic:110563”]
hopefully things really are greener on the other side of that fence.
[/quote] Things are pretty green on this side, but it’s time for a change :slight_smile:

[quote=“molona, post:6, topic:110563”]
@Hawk, it’s great to have you around but now it’s your time to shine…
[/quote] I’ll miss your sparkly sense of humour, my friend!


Best of luck with your new position.

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Truly the end of an era. When I look back at my time at SitePoint, I see how much I matured over that period of time and realize how much I owe to this community, both personally (half of my best friends, I met here) and professionally. The experience I earned here as a member, as a Mentor, as an Advisor and as a podcast host was truly valuable.

If I think about you, Sarah (@HAWK), and your current career, it is amazing to think that it really started with your decision to join the SitePoint Forums. It began, in earnest, when you accepted the invitation to join the staff. You couldn’t have known the path that decision would set you on. From Mentor to Advisor to Team Leader to being given the opportunity to lead the forums and then community in general for the SitePoint family of brands. It all started here.

You participated in the forums in such a quality way that the forums staff recognized it and invited you to join the team. Level by level, those above you saw what was in you and continued to promote you from within. And the office offered you a job, which you accepted. SitePoint leadership at the time made a great decision to trust you, and you didn’t disappoint.

Because of the time I spent here, I feel like I have an understanding of how you must be feeling. It’s sad, bittersweet and a bit jarring, but that’s what growth often is. I know from my time that there are ups and downs. That goes with any relationship. But what you’ll hold onto is the fond memories and the wonderful experiences you gained here. It has been a pleasure to watch you grow into the professional that you have become, and I believe that there are only greater things in store for you.

I would also like to congratulate @ralphm on the faith that Sarah and SitePoint have in you. It’s always a bit scary to step into that spotlight (alone), but if you are guided by integrity, kindness and fairness, you’ll do a great job. All of SitePoint’s forum administrators over the years have been solid and that includes you. I’m sure you’ll only continue to grow your legacy here. :smile:

Best of luck to SitePoint and the forums staff moving forward.




Thanks Patrick. Looking those up in the dictionary now … :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Patrick. You nailed it, as always.

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As a somebody who witnessed you grow as a person, initially as spirited community member to now, as you call it, Galactic Overlord it saddens and excites me that your time is at an end. You have made such a fabulous imprint on this place, in ways that you’ll only fully realise as time goes by.

I was honoured to work alongside you and play, albeit small, a role your journey.

A person with your values and integrity will always be welcome within any community you call home. I have no doubt they have underestimated just how special a person they have found.

… if they take you for granted I will punch them.

Best of luck HAWK!


You were the one that hired me in the first place, and I’ll be eternally grateful!

[quote=“shayne_tilley, post:12, topic:110563”]
… if they take you for granted I will punch them.
[/quote] Ah yes. I’ve missed your quirky management style.

Seriously though, thanks, as always, for your support.

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@Patrick Personally, I hold you responsible for this change. How dare you talk well about @Hawk in your post?.. She became famous and now everybody wants her :stuck_out_tongue:

@shayne_tilley It’s great to see you around


@ralphm Haha. Yeah, I know you already have those in your vocabulary. :sweat_smile:

@HAWK :smile:

@molona :slight_smile: Heh. Sorry. Seriously, though, one of the most rewarding things that I have been able to do is to help good people advance in their careers. Of course, Sarah creates her own opportunities. I just like to praise good people doing good work.

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Congrats! Hawk. Good to see so many people sing your praises consistently - it says a lot about you. It truly has been great to semi know you so many years and see you grow in SP. Keep on building those relationships. Wish you the best!

Also thanks for hiring me from Fiver to write this post about you. Send the money soon.



I don’t get it? Are you praying we find someone just as good to replace @HAWK or …? Care to elaborate? You’ve peaked my curiosity.

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You’re at the peak of your pique?


And we all have had a PEEK at this discussion about language.

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I’m sure the Chinese will be Peking.