Farewell to Someone Special

I hate having to make this kind of post but it is inevitable on occasion.

The time has come for dklynn to step down as Hosting Team Leader. DK has served us well for years now and true to form, has done a wonderful job in grooming his replacement.

Please join me in thanking DK for all his work over the last few years and in congratulating ScallioXTX in his promotion to Team Leader.

What can I say.

I’m going to miss having the forum’s top user of :kaioken: as a Team Leader.

Like his avatar, an “ace” (forum) flier.

Thankfully, I have confidence that ScallioXTX will be an excellent Team Leader.

So Thanks and all the best DK, and welcome to the Blues ScallioXTX

I feel a (*) atom smiley + :kaioken:coming on just for him to use :slight_smile:

Cheers for everything DK and I’m sure you will still be around for a long time yet.
Remon will be a great TL too

What happened to dklynn??

He is stepping down as Team Leader :slight_smile:

But why now?

DKLynn is awesome he has been a wonderful help to many of us. I am very thankful he bothered with some of our repetitious mistakes :slight_smile:

He is stepping down because he has a heavy burden to carry in his real life at the moment. Also he doesn’t feel he can give 100% percent and he likes to adhere to extremely high standards.

Don’t worry, DK won’t disappear completely from SPF I suspect you’ll still see him but not as a Team Leader.

I’d like to welcome Remon as his replacement and I believe he is a good choice as a replacement and hopefully won’t burn himself out in his new role.

Sorry to see DK have to step down. Congratulations to Scallio on the promotion to Team Leader of the Hosting Team

Scallio, Congratulations. You’ll be a great TL

Does this means that DK is staying as an Advisor? Or is he becoming a regular member?

Edit: Neve rmind. I know that he’s really stepping down. DK, thanks for all the hard work.

dklynn has been a great help to those of us struggling to understand htaccess rewrites and other Apache issues. I just want to say thanks to dklynn for his help. :slight_smile:

Hear hear!

Have a good rest, DK, and congratulations, ScallioXTX!

Hopefully we’ll still see Dave pop in now and again to sort out people’s htaccess woes, congrats to ScallioXTX on the upgrade

We couldn’t ask for a better person to step in than Scallio, but DK has been a tremendous asset to SP for years. He will be sorely missed.

Good luck DK, thank you for all your work/help here.

You’ve certainly left a legacy.

From personal experience, with ScallioXTX, I believe we’re in good hands.

Sorry to see David go! He is an outstanding guy! One of the best staffers! Good luck buddy!

Congrats Remon! Well deserved! :tup: :slight_smile:

Thanks David for helping me those handful of times and those who I sent to you.

Sad to see you go David but congratulations to Remon on the new job.

Remon! :weee:

And thank you, David, for everything you’ve done for this community! I wish you good luck in whatever it is you’ll be doing. :slight_smile:

David, you were a great team leader and are a true Apache guru (and you’ve got the badge to prove it, too). Don’t be a stranger! :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the congratulations and votes of confidence!
I need some time to get used to the blue, but I’m honored that I am [blue] :slight_smile: