New Community Team Advisor - Mizwizzy

To continue the fantastic work of the Community Team, I would like to welcome superb mizwizzy into the position of Advisor.

I know she will be great and be a huge asset to SitePoint and the CT :slight_smile:

awesome !!

bring da ban hammer :smash:

Congrats mizwizzy!!! :smiley:

:lol: thanks alot guys and I appreciate your kind words Mike :slight_smile:

Congrats mizzy!! :smiley:

I missed this thread and sent you the PM… :frowning:

Anyways, all the best! :tup:

Congratulations and welcome to the green labyrinth, mizwizzy! :slight_smile:

:cool: :smiley: :x :shifty: :lol: :eek: :spf: :smashy::smashy::smashy:

Congratulations Mizzy

Congratulations and Welcome Hazel:)

Thanks guys :blush: :smiley:

Welcome on board Hazel.

Thank you Hawk! :slight_smile:

All Irish green now, lassie.


Thank you Stomme & Felgall :slight_smile:


Cheers ralph! :slight_smile:

Gosh! Isn’t she so lovely thanking everyone so many times :p?

Indeed like Stomme said, you’re all Irish green now and boy, don’t you look good in green, eh! :wink: Haha! Congratulations Hazel!

Andrew Cooper

:lol: Yeah, I am! I was brought up to be courteous and polite and I appreciate everyone’s thanks, including yours! So…wait for it… Thank you Andrew :smiley:

Wow that was a fast promotion from mentor to advisor.

Congratulations all the same! I know you’ll do a great job ;).

Cheers Ryan :slight_smile: