Some help with Java code pleae?


This is a virtual tour java code done by someone else. I am in the process of cleaning up 150 pages of tables into css. First off, I know nothing about java. So, is this your average looking code or is it a mess that can be cleaned up considerably? Second, and my main problem, with this java in place for some reason a simple <img> arrow will not show in FX only until I role over it. If I remove the code the img shows as should. Is there something blatantly obvious in this code that could throw this problem? Thanks!

<APPLET archive=ptviewer.jar code=ptviewer.class width=380 height=285>
			<script language="JavaScript">
function SymError()
  return true;
window.onerror = SymError;
			<script language="JavaScript">
if (navigator.appName != "Netscape") document.writeln('<PARAM name=maxarray 	value="40000000">');
			<PARAM name=file   value="images/scenes/4430.jpg">
			<param name=wait   value="images/wait.gif">
			<param name=frame  value="images/NSframe.gif">
			<param name="view_width" value="380">
			<param name="view_height" value="263">
			<param name="bar_x"	value="89">
			<param name="bar_y"	value="229">
			<param name="bar_width"	value="203">
			<param name="bar_height"	value="10">
			<param name="barcolor" 	value="FFFFFF">
			<PARAM name=pan value="0">
			<!-- 180...-180, default 0 -->
			<PARAM name=tilt value="0">
			<!-- 90...-90, default 0 -->
			<PARAM name=fov value="90">
			<!-- 12-65, default 70 -->
			<param name="inits" value="ptviewer:startAutoPan(.10,0,1)">
			<PARAM name=panmax value="180">
			<!-- 0...180, default none(180) -->
			<PARAM name=antialias value=false>
			<param name="shotspot0"  value="x5 y265 a25 b284 	i'images/plus.gif' p	u'ptviewer:ZoomIn();ZoomIn();ZoomIn()' ">
			<param name="shotspot1"  value="x28 y265 a48 b284 	i'images/minus.gif' p	u'ptviewer:ZoomOut();ZoomOut();ZoomOut()' ">
			<param name="shotspot2"  value="x57 y266 a87 b282 	i'images/reset.gif' p	u'ptviewer:moveTo(0,-1,90,60);waitWhilePanning();startAutoPan(.15,0,1)' ">
			<!--(top-panangle, stop-tilt, stop-field-of-view, number -of-frames)-->
			<a href="">A Java VM is Not Installed: Get the FREE Java software from Sun Microsystems, Inc.</a>

There is no Java code whatsoever. It’s all plain HTML with few lines of JavaScript. All its doing is embedding Java applet on the page.

I’m assuming that you want to shorten that HTML, but probably will not be able to, because most of the code is just setting parameters for that image viewer: <param name=“xxx” value=“yy”>

Also, I don’t see any <img /> tags here. Perhaps you’ve not posted that part here. If removing this applet makes some <img /> show up on your page, probably location of this applet on the page covers up your image or something like that.