Java: Links, images, font and divisions with HTML / CSS


I have a big concern about coding a nice UI for my upcoming CompSci project after winter break, and it will be a card game. However, I’ve already programmed several card games with PHP, so the only thing that would be left is the actual GUI for my JFrame window. I want to display a rich HTML-Based JFrame, with links, entire headers, and divisions made up of HTML and CSS (real code, and not only displaying the source code!). I’ve googled a lot, and most websites were pointing on web browsers, therefore I’ve started asking here, if anyone knows how to begin, which import is responsible for it, and which statements I need to use to add it to my JFrame.

As an example this:

If it’s still hard to understand what my concern is, - it’s impossible to draw a string from an actionPerformed method, therefore I need to use HTML code in order to display public or private Strings within the class.

It would be an awesome help if there’s anyone,