Some grattitude for 1and1

Today, I was backing up some files from my staging server on my 1and1 shared plan, and when I canceled the download my ftp client erased the files off the server representing a days work. I called 1and1 support to ask if they could restore the files. I wasn’t expecting for them to say there was nothing they could do, but to my surprise, they have a seven day back up system that can be accessed through the control panel. Dreamhost has a backup system, but when I attempted to use it once the system returned an error, but it worked on 1and1. Thanks guys!

Some good news about 1and1. That’s a change. For years I’ve just been hearing about how unhelpful they are, like in the instance where criminals steal domains hosted on 1and1 and the company does nothing to help. Bad karma, dudes. :frowning:

Yes, your link also involves GoDaddy. With these inexpensive shared hosts, you get what you pay for. Its nice to have some good news once and a while.