1and1 deleted my site

This morning I found my site shylin.com disappear.
I already paid full year hosting and domain name.
They are closed, I am getting worry, what can I do?

Hi Califa, welcome to the forum.

It appears that domain is “parked”

It seems if you had violated any Terms they would have notified you.

What did their support say?

My website was running ok from 1&1 hosting, I called why my site disappear, they said my website file did not transfer from godaddy, I called godaddy, they said they don’t have my file, so who is wrong? What should I do?

Presumably you made a backup of the site before changing hosts, so you should just be able to upload it again. (You’ll probably need to ask 1&1 to restore it for you.)

I’ve never hosted with either of these companies, but normally there’s no problem moving a site between hosts.


A word of warning: Over many years, both of your hosting companies have been condemned by SitePoint members (all for apparently good reason). While GoDaddy has simply been reported as miserable (lack of service and so much more) but their reputation as a registrar is good. 1&1, on the other hand, doesn’t have that to fall back on. Therefore, my advice is to find a GOOD host then, as TB said, use your backup files with a good host.

I’ve posted many times my checklist (with suggestions added) for finding a new host but, if you can’t find it, ask and I’ll post it yet again.



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