Software to simplify PHP/MySQL apps?

For web pages I like DreamWeaver. Is there a good program that makes developing applications with PHP and MySQL easier?

To make development easier I recommend having codd which is repeated many times as functions. Which are called from a codeBase.

For example a function which creates a database connection which includes parameters to process the data automatically. Having a IDE to process the information for you and create the code automatically can cause when it comes to managing your code.

developing your own enviroment is the best way to minimise code repatition. It might take a little bit longer in the short term but countless of hours in the long run.

Dreamweaver can itself code for you. For a simple database driven pages, you can auto-make the codes. But you may have to learn its php source codes to modify it.

You need a special provision for this - working with the features available there.

In my case, insert > application objects > dynamic data > dynamic table.
Note - I have not used it so far. But I am sure, Dreamweaver can code it for you :slight_smile:

Poorly…very poorly. Beyond poor even!

Dreamweaver is a good enough php/mysql editor. It has syntax highlighting, function reference, code wrapping, etc - the same features most other php editors do.

If you code in a similar syntax to DW behaviours, you get the added advantage of DW’s server behaviours.

My personal choice is NuSphere PhpED.

You still have to know what you’re doing, but NetBeans and Eclipse might be worth the trouble of looking into. And I’m sure there’s others if you don’t like either of those.

I prefer a really basic editor for applications. XHTML and CSS are not very deep languages, there aren’t a whole lot of things you can do with them compared to the kinds of things you can program in languages like PHP, C#, and Java. Therefore a tool like Dreamweaver can do some pretty cool things to write code for you because it doesn’t have to deal with a lot of options (I’m speaking of the WYSIWYG tool now. If you switch to code view, Dreamweaver is good for writing applications).

Notepad++ is my editor of choice. It has autocompletion for any words you have typed once in the file. You can double click any word and it not only highlights, but it highlights every other instance of the word in the file. This rocks for locating all instances of a function name or a variable.