Looking for editor with this features


I’m looking for simple PHP editor that has the following features:

1- word completion
2- debugging lines of code
3- simple and light and good in organising files
4- cross-platform (not required but better if it’s avaiable)
5- ability to save code snippets to use them later (not required but better if it’s avaiable)\
6- specialized for PHP.

I have just downloaded NetBeans and I’m going to try it. :slight_smile:

I found this one: http://editra.org

I liked it, but it just needs code completion and debugger. Anyone know something simple like this which contains debugger and word completion feature? :slight_smile:

I use DW because it has the snippets window. I has syntax highlighting and the basics.
As far as debugging, print_r and echoing out vars is pretty much it.

Anyone tried Dreamweaver? does it provide debugging for PHP?

Which one is better? NetBeans or Eclipse?

Thousands of these questions and millions on responses…but I guess I’ll add mine again…I use Komodo IDE (Paid for, there is a free version called Edit) it pretty much covers your list except for 6. It Specializes in multiple languages not just PHP. Plus I like having the ability to have to files open at once side by side.

I hate Dreamweaver. I will honestly admit I look down on people who call themselves developers who use Dreamweaver. There is just much more appropriate software out there such as; Eclipse, Netbeans, etc for programming purpose. Dreamweaver, is really good for one thing, translating design mock-ups into horrible, automated code. If I were in the position to hire people and someone told me they used Dreamweaver, I’d probably end the interview at that instant. To me it just demonstrates a really poor decision, inability to change or improve. Go with Eclipse, Netbeans or if your able to afford it, Zend Studio. Never tried Bluefish, I prefer Ecplise myself, though I would use Zend Studio in a heart beat if it were an option where I work.

+1 for Netbeans, you can get a PHP addon which gives you lots of nice features like autocomplete, parsing, and its cross-platform.

I made the switch from Dreamweaver about a year ago and never looked back. Dreamweaver is great for front end HTML and CSS, not at all great for programming.

Have you tried Bluefish? I have downloaded it but it seems that it does not work with Windows!

I need a really light one, I mean by light that it should be quick in response to code enteries (by highlighting and code completion).

Eclipse PDT is close, but might not hit every point exactly. I’m not sure on #5, though you could just have a separate project folder for code snippets.

NetBeans is an alternative to Eclipse. I use both and think they are about the same.

There appears to be a lot of (good) noise in the community surrounding PHPStorm, and its upcoming second version. :slight_smile:

It might be worth a look.

Hi logic_earth

I have downloaded komodo, it seems to be OK but the auto-completion feature is quite slow. I need something which resposnse quickly at this feature!

Hi guys.

Anyone tried Rapid PHP?


I will download it now