Which Database do you prefer and recommend with Php? And why?

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I need your help. I would like to hear your opinion about :

  1. Which Database do you prefer and recommend with Php?
  2. And why?
  3. Which Php Editor do you recommend ?

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NetBeans. It is free, it is full of good features, it allows you to do more than PHP like Java and C/C++, and it has a pretty good PHP debugger.

  1. Sublime Text, not as complete as a full blown IDE, but uses definitely less CPU resources.
  1. If you mean what kind of database then I only have used MySQL, so I can’t help you out there.
  2. If you mean how do you connect to the database, then the answer is PDO over MySQLi. Here my reasoning: require_once(“/includes/classes/{$sClassName}.class.php”);
  3. I used to use Sublime Text, but I switched over to NetBeans for it’s is all-in-one even though it does take more resources and it has a fantastic debugger as well.

It depends on the data I am storing and how I am manipulating it. MySQL seems to be the most popular database to use with PHP, though there are a number scenarios where the relational model doesn’t fit well with the in-memory data structures being persisted by the application. Nor is the relational model always the most efficient way to store data (especially for simple analytics/logging applications).

If you have a specific scenario in mind, then asking what database would cater for those needs the best would be a better question.

I like Sublime Text 3. It comes with a nice UI, a good default skin (especially for late-night programming!), and is very customisable. I haven’t tried many others though, so my opinion may (read: will) be biased. PHPDesigner 8 and PHPStorm are also pretty good editors/IDEs to use, though they aren’t free.

Which Database can be combined with Php great, such as MySQL ?

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any database where a driver exists. see http://www.php.net/manual/en/refs.database.php

Pretty much all of them. But if you’re asking this question, you should stick with MySQL because that’s mainly what PHP developers use and that’s what people will assume you use and that’s what you will see when you look for code examples.

If you’re on Linux, Geany is a great free alternative to PHPStorm, and personally like it a little more than Netbeans. For just a plain text editor, can’t go wrong with Sublime

Why do Php Developers use more MySQL? It has more advantages than other Databases?

Check which databases your ISP has available.

Sublime for me and still learning the vast amount of features and plugins which seem to be growing daily.

MySQL is used more because it was popular years ago and because it is supported by just about every web host out there and, probably most importantly, because it is free. MySQL is lacking in features compared to other database systems such as PostgreSQL (also free). MySQL has less advantages than other databases in terms of features but is known to be fast at doing what it does best: simple row and column storage.