Software for PPC bidding on website


do you guys know of a program I can use on my website to let advertisers bid on my homepage/subpages for the highest location? A bit like Google only than without a keyword (it’s just about the spot). I search around on this forum and Google, but I couldn’t find something. I also may has to do with the fact that I don’t know a simple word for such a solution.

Looking forward to your answers,


I’m also looking for the same type of thing. I’ve looked high and low and can’t seem to find anything what so ever.

I would like Geo targeting in mine also. Plus the advertiser sets the highest bid amount he/she wants to pay per click, but the amount they pay is only 1 cent higher than the highest bidders click amount.

Please could someone help me, I’m getting desperate. It’s very annoying when you have big ideas and plans, but can’t find the way of getting there.

Thanks very much!!!


Our platform does this out-of-the-box. In our case, the proxy-bid system starts off with the #1 slot 1 cent over #2. Over time, our yield optimization system will adjust bid amounts based on historical performance data. This eliminates poorly performing ad-squatters from taking the #1 position, or raising their bid amount to justify the placement. Other influence factors can be added to adjust this as well, but out-of-the-box should do just fine for what you are stating here.

Let me know if you have any questions.


I’ve decided to write my own ppc bidding stuff now, but thanks.

Sound good. If anything changes, please let me know. With +10 years behind our platform personally, I can definitely attest to the challenges you will face - from scale (which may not be so important for a small site) to validating clicks as valid or not and more.