What Adwords position do you go for? (as a general rule)

This question has probably been debated a few thousand times, but as someone just taking first steps in the wonderful world of pay-per-click, I would like to hear all opinions :slight_smile:

The lower ads are less expensive and bring in a lower CTR. Do they also bounce more and thus come at greater overall cost? I am beginning to think so.

The higher ads are more expensive and bring in a mountain of traffic - but is that traffic really more qualified or just more, period?

Do “compulsive clickers” (people with itchy mouse fingers) tend to rack up the higher ads or the lower ones more?

I know every situation and opinion is different. I would like to hear about yours, if you are willing to share.


Funnily enough that’s right about where I’ve been aiming for on the more competitive keywords - 4-6.

Does that also apply to conversion rates in your experience?

First I consider cost - if in budget - number 1. Always like to be in top 3.

I always try for the first position but if the cost is too high I will go for a lower spot. All places will get the same amount of clicks but the bottom will just take longer to reach that point.

Thanks for the replies so far. Anybody else have an idea to share?

It really depends.

For example, if you rank number one for a term organically, you might want to rank number 3, or not at all, in paid search. (You would want to make sure your ad appealed in a different way to your organic listing).

Everything is different, including every keyword so the position I go for is the best return (cheapest cost vs most clicks). Build up towards a top ranking and then bid down to see the changes in volume.