Rank Directory listings by PPC Bid amount


I have a site that ranks it’s listings by the following:-

  1. The affiliate programs I joined and using referral link with rank first
  2. Then the sites that provides a reciprocal back to my site rank 2nd.
  3. Then lastly the totally free listings that has not given me any credit at all rank last.

Now I want to make something rank even higher than my affiliate programs. I want to offer PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising on my site. This allows anyone that wants to pay per click to get their listing ranked above all other listings apart from any listing that has a higher bid then them.

Now how I would like to do this is via PHP and MySQL script. I would like Geo Targeting, Max budget spend per day, Max bid per click, etc.

I’ve looked high and low and couldn’t find any script or software out there. Does anyone know where I could find such a script ready made to do this. I don’t mind paying for it at all. Would a PPC Search Engine Script do the job? Which one would be the best to use for this?

Also when bidding I would possibly like it so that if the 2nd bidded listing is $0.10 per click, then the 1st will only be 1 cent higher than the previous rather than it being something like $1.50 per click as that’s not fare for the advertiser.


My worst night has come true. Searched high and low for nearly a week and couldn’t find anything what I wanted.

This means after two years of not having to code any php script, I’m back onto the programming scene.

So probably will be asking many different things here about how to do this, how to do that, etc.

Thanks in anycase. I’m not to rusty at php which is good.