Social networking site name.. can't decide

Hi guys,

I’m working on a social networking site concept and I’m trying to figure out which one is the best name to go by.

The 2 that I’m thinking about are:
Ameeba (sounds a bit like amoeba but spelled differently so people remember it)

What is your honest feedback? Which do you like more?


makin social networking site is kinda tough to do this days…just goodluck :slight_smile:
the second one sounds good to me…name should be catchy and easy to remember…

Neither, why? Because you haven’t told us what your social network relates too, and if there is one thing a brand should do, it’s reflect the services being offered.

Plays on random words can be an interesting idea (in your head), but a confusing name will mean your brand is falsely attributing itself. :slight_smile:

social networking is a very competitive market, unless you have a specific, unique concept, I suggest you dont waste the time and effort.

As for the name, I think the second one sounds more familiar and is probably easier to remember.

Right, what’s your website like? A name that’s easy to remember will be good.

i vote for number 2 …easy to remember

it depends what your doing, what stuff your social network has on it. Dont run in to it.
Everysecond you wait the better the name is going to get, the more you wait the bettr the technology is going to be, the more you wait, the better your site is going to be!

Wait until you have the perfect name

I strongly disagree the name ameeba. It sounds morbid and unhygienic. Find something a more decent name for your site.

YouLinkMe reminds me of LinkedIn - I would probably associate them together, but only remember LinkedIn because it’s so established.

i vote for number 2

hi everyone,
Well I think name should be more creative, Like when I was working on the same kind of project I used name Gosmug … but It is not easy to remember… well It mean go and smug ( get satisfied)… thinks something like it…

LikedMe is a good name for a social networking site I think.

Ameeba would be a good idea since it sounds unique. YouLinkMe and others like that have already been used a lot.

I don’t think you’ll have much success, there are so many out there.
The names are both terrible, I suggest think more about it.

if u have only two choices so i suggest u the 2nd one yes bcoz it makes feel “in touch”.
but one this it also feel like a sentence rather then a word.