Successful Naming at Starting a Social Networking Site

Hi fellows,

Recently, I stumbled upon a several months old thread related to give a name to a new social networking site. The poster wrote two alternatives only and asked help on deciding which one would be the perfect for his concept.

We don’t know anything about his idea because the poster forget to communicate to us the essence, what’s covered in it, what he is doing, and what he wants to achieve. The thread got fifteen answers so far, and the OP does not reply to them. It’s funny… but you might not want to waste more words on that.

Right to the point.

Thinking is part of constructing a plan related to starting any website. It covers what is your goal, and how you want to achieve that. Giving a name belongs here, and much can happen with a well-chosen name.

Before we would give an appropriate name for a new page, let’s think about a bit. What are the objectives that we want to achieve. For example, create one social networking site…

  • for fun, and see what it will be, how far it goes?

  • as an awareness building tool for the products you want to sell?

  • for a particular cause (business, non-profit, political, or otherwise)?

  • for a local community site (your state, province, region, town, etc.)?

  • or you want to create the next Myspace, Facebook or YouTube?:wink:

If you have an exact answer to one of those above, that’s been half a win. Then you are able to give an appropriate name for your site.

But… what kind of name should be of that page? The same name as the web address you would type in to get to the site is advantageous.

A good name is attractive, descriptive, short, and last but not least easy to remember.

  • Attractive: it needs to catch the attention of searchers (that make something seem interesting and worth reading).

  • Descriptive: it need to show what kind of thing that site contains.

  • Short: short name results short URL. Shorter url is easier to remember to people. If they remember to that, they will find you again easily.

So, in my opinion it’s worth the effort and the time to have a good name to our new site.

Many successes,


So, you need some suggestions ?
You’re objectives are a little to much from my point of view, I don’t think, let’s say “facebook” qualifies to all of your points…
You need a short kinky name, but that’s about it…the name is not everything.

Thank your for reply Rancid,:wink:

No, I don’t need suggestions. I hope that it is obvious for those who read my post carefully.

…You need a short kinky name, but that’s about it…the name is not everything.

The name is not everything but important IMHO because it is the first step to succeding.

Anyway, do you know what does it mean ‘kinky’? (I know:))

All the best,