Social Network Site Name Ideas


I have been working on a social network based site (similar to things like MySpace, etc) but on a much smaller scale.

Any ideas as to what I can call it?

Thanks or for short … probably both are still available.

You could try domainsbot. I put in “social network” and got some nice ones, such as:

Unless your site has a theme… which it could, you mite come up with some nicer ones. or net Dunno if any of them is aviable…Just my 2 cents

Come on guys we need 2.0 domain names :stuck_out_tongue:

Anye more ideas?

It needs to be short and catchy - and yes Web 2.0 names are more than welcome :smiley: is available.

No thanks…

Keep suggesting…

This is off topic, but I had good idea for Microsoft’s Xbox domain: :slight_smile: Hmm but sorry, at the moment I have no ideas for your website :frowning: