Name my thingy

hi, I was checking out name my thingy and it looks great but do you have to suggest a name or do they tell you the name they want and you create an idea for it?


You describe what your site/tool/business is about and people suggest names.

Isn’t it pretty much dead anyway? The concept was flawed from the beginning.

It was an experiment and yeah, TBH it didn’t really take off. It does still get some use but it’s minimal.

tke71709, I remember the original thread here where, from the start, you said it wouldn’t work.

TBH, my first thought when I saw the name was the same as Shaun’s (see above thread). Ironically, namemythingy is an awful name!

Shame to see it hasn’t taken off though. Maybe there’s scope for someone else to start something like this and implement it differently.

:lol: Agreed.

I call mine Pete

:rofl: Love it.