Which is the Best Social Networking?

As we all Know “FaceBook” became as a “GreatFan” to all over the world down to Earth within a short period…!

But Moreover there are other Best sites still can dominate???

So,According to you What could be the Best Social
Networking Site???

Thank yo

I think you should distinguish the different network sites when asking this question. You have the general sites ala Facebook but there are sites as xing.com, and [URL=“http://www.ravelry.com”]ravelry.com as well where the focus is way more specialized. You can’t compare such sites in the first place.

There are more than 300 Social Networking sites are available. Among, that some of the popular sites are Face Book, Twitter, Linkedin, Orkut, Net log etc., Among these popular sites the most popular & 500 million users in very short period is Face Book which started in 2004. It came to popular due to user friendly, SEO friendly, applications, some special features & so on. Compare the various Social Networking sites in Wikipedia . Do you know Face Book to launch the own mailing service. It is a Great feature of Face Book named as Social Messaging. To knew more about that read this article [URL=“http://www.connectindia.co.in/facebook-email-address-launched-but-called-social-messaging/”]Face Book Social Messaging So, Face Book is the best Social Networking site.

Obviously Facebook, but my best 2nd is Twitter. I have had great success with Twitter. Their search function is used a lot and searches related tweets about a topic. If you tweet frequently and people do a search for a keyword they might find you. Another thing is that if you tweet something with a particular keyword, search that keyword in google, it will show up for sometimes up to a minute in the Google News which is very powerful. It’s really short, but have a look and you will find related tweets falling through ;).

Every Social bookmarking sites have own specialty. But Facebook , twitter and digg are important and these are most traffic gainer then others social media sites

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