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Hello guys! Guys i want a little help that what is the new updates of SEO Dec 2015.My site is going down day by day i m doing SEO and social media daily! My these keywords are going down
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Welcome to the forums, @web_design_company.

What do you mean by “doing SEO daily”? What exactly are you doing? If you’re engaging in activities which Google sees as suspicious, like unnatural link-building, that could account for a drop in your rankings.

I imagine here is hgh competition for most of your keywords, so it may not be that your site is falling for some reason, but rather that other sites are rising in the rankings and overtaking you.

I’d suggest first of all that you download Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”, which will give you a good grounding in the basics.

i want my keywords on

web design company 4 page 2nd rank
Web Designing 4tth page 3rd rank
Web Design Company Pakistan 7th page 4th rank
Web Hosting Pakistan 4th page 7th rank
Web Hosting Company 1st page 2nd rank

What does that list represent? Is it where yo currently rank?

Yes, I understand that. You didn’t answer my question in my previous post:

blogging, keyword submission classified social sharing and now i m trying forums posting

OK, first of all, any links which you can place yourself are regarded as of little worth by Google. Additionally, Google advises site owners to mark such links (what it describes as “non-editorially vouched-for” links) as nofollow, so any reputable site will follow those guidelines and the links will not count as backlinks.

[quote=“web_design_company, post:5, topic:209273”]
now i m trying forums posting
[/quote]As mentioned already, reputable forums - like SitePoint - mark external links as nofollow. Forum posting (on any forum) with the intention of gaining backlinks is not only going to fail on that count, but is liable to get you banned from the forum as a Spammer.

I suggest you read Google’s guidelines on link schemes.

can u give me your skype id plz?

No. I have already sent you a PM explaining that this is an inappropriate request. Please do not ask again.

I do not want to be rude but you have two options. To improve your English and educate yourself regarding current SEO trends or to employ SEO company that will keep track of everything and assist you with your needs. SEO is not a simple thing which can be explained in one thread. You will not become a doctor if you take scalpel and start cutting people randomly.

Develop natural links whose anchor tags is the keywords you want to be found on. Secondly, if you wish to be found on .pk site, make sure the extension of your site is .pk

DO NOT DARE to use a bot to make back-links or do any such stupid thing.

If you are using a country-neutral extension (.com, .net, .org or whatever) you can set the geographical target within Google Search Console. (Was GWT.)

I agree about .com .net .org… neutrality :smile:

Maybe he can develop a couple of landing page domains with .pk ext.

Why? If he’s targeting Pakistan, he can do that via geotargeting, if he’s using a neutral extension. Why would he create landing pages on a different domain to redirect to his own? They’ll be competing in the SERPs with the original domain, and as a potential customer, I’d be very suspicious if I clicked a link to one domain and found myself redirected to another.

.pk vs .com

If you look at these through Googlebot’s eyes for Pakistani traffic, it would apparently give much juice to .pk

Let’s not forget that .com is neutral here and supposed to be shared with 195+ countries whereas .pk would be 100% dedicated to Pakistan only.

Each time I go to from India, it leads me to, well, I never got suspicious, so why do you think anyone would?

Here is another example that might interest you. I setup a nice blog on and it’s accessible and works great, but when I access it from Indian IP it leads me to .in domain and serves the same content.

I always wonder how Google handles same dupe content on multiple domains? Blogger is owned by Google so they know better. Things have changed drastically over the past 10 yrs when it comes to geo-targeting.

That is why GWT has International Targeting, so you can target a specific country regardless of extension.

Have you ever ever tried to force a geo-location? Try to set US for .in domains… see the att. pic. There is no option at all.

I could have worded that better.
I mean regardless of neutral extensions.
Use International Targeting for .com and .org Etc…

This is from a .org site.

[quote=“, post:20, topic:209273”]
.pk vs .com

If you look at these through Googlebot’s eyes for Pakistani traffic, it would apparently give much juice to .pk
[/quote]Does this Google article help?

[quote=“, post:20, topic:209273”]
Each time I go to from India, it leads me to, well, I never got suspicious, so why do you think anyone would?
[/quote]I agree that if the domain name is the same, but with a different extension, that would not give cause for suspicion. I hadn’t realised that was what you were suggesting; your comment sounded as if the OP should simply use a couple of new domains with the .pk extension.

I apologise if I misunderstood.

As I tried to explain earlier, and as @SamA74 has explained, where the domain is country-specific, such as .in or .uk, Google assumes the site to be targeted at that country. Where the domain extension is country-neutral, you can use the geotargeting facility to state which country you are targeting. It does seem reasonable to assume you will only use a .uk domain, for example, if you are primarily targeting the UK.

However, we seem to be going off-topic here, concentrating on domain extensions. We do not know which extension the OP is using, so have no way of knowing whether it may be a contributory factor.

Sometimes when we extra work on our website and keywords then we may see keywords start to go down. You should try to focus and work on your website other pages. Do not work on your targeted pages and keywords if its already going down. Please hold all the work for those pages. Also you need to check what you are doing and try to find if you are doing any mistake or not.