Best social bookmarking software to submit automatically


I have been using social bookmarking sites to submit my website and/or new pages and got good results. However, I just manually submit my web site, new pages to these social bookmarking sites.

So, I am looking for a good social bookmarking software to automate the submission.

Any good software out there? I am not looking for a free one.

I can pay money for this software.

Thanks very much for reading.

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If you’re really willing to pay for the software then I suggest that you use SEnuke because it is really dependable in social bookmarking plus it also has a captcha solver.:blush:

try Social Bookmark Wiz

It is better to do it manually. I don’t see that as a time saver :slight_smile:

i prefer doing it manually…proven and tested it gives me good results for my sites

Do it manually it is better than any software submission.

In my point of view manually better than software…

Bookmarking takes so long. Does this software create an account to submit with?

I am just getting to the swing of it and its a little more time consuming than i expected.

My friend suggested me to using BMD (Bookmarking demon) maybe you can try it :slight_smile:


try Internet Business Promote (IBP) Axandra dot com

As has been discussed previously, it’s not about saving time, it’s about doing a good job. If you use any kind of automated method, you are going to trip every spam filter in the book, and you’re only likely to get links from sites that do you no good at all … so while you may get a lot of links, you won’t get very much benefit. Manual submission means that you target your efforts more carefully, so you only submit to sites that are relevant and high quality. That way, you can be sure that the links you do get are worth having. You won’t get as many links, but you’ll get a lot more benefit from the ones that you do have.

I also believe in submitting manually, it may take some time, but it will be of quality submission.

I think please do it manually.This is better for good results.


Why all suggest for doing him automated social bookmarking submission. From my point of view manually submission is best.
Do manually, Don’t do spamming.


use this Onlywire

Well, if you can choose a paid software, I’d recommend you to check out SeNuke :slight_smile:

If you use Wordpress/blog i recommend using, it is free and you can submit all post made automatically to social bookmark using its plugin.

My members report good things about BookMarking Demon (BMD), check spelling.


Use BookMarking Demon: