Need Some Help with Social Bookmarking

i need some help on social bookmarking, i have submitted the home page of my bog to many social bookmarking sites, now i want to submit my blogging articles separately, can i submit 1 article per day ? or 1 per week ? which is better in SEO point of view ? tell me if i submit one daily then it can appear as spamming to Google ?

Too many questions…
For last one - if you submit to all, in a short period of time, google can consider it an automatically submission, and classified it as spam.

if i submit my link to 100 per day then again google will consider it spam ?

If you already think Google might see it as Spam, then that would seem to be a fair indication that you know it is Spam. Build links naturally and gradually.

i am already adding links manually but whenever I create a new post on my blog then can I submit that post to 200 social bookmarking sites in one day ? each time i create a post can i do the same ?

Yes, of course you can do it. Whether you should do it is another matter. Why do you want to submit every article to 200 social bookmarking sites? What is your aim here? It looks like spamming to me, and presumably also looks like spamming to you, or you wouldn’t be asking the question. If you really believe it isn’t spamming, then you don’t need my opinion and can make your own decision.

I want to submit every article to all the sites because by doing this my article gets top 10 ranking in Google in particular keyword of the article, my recent article is also appearing in 1st page of google, that’s why i was asking that if i submit every article from now then can it appear as spam or not.

I think you should read up on SEO and how it works… An organically grown site will have different kinds of links as the site naturally matures, I think. You are posting in this forum so I think you are on the right track. Submitting to 200 bookmarking sites sounds a little artificial.

hmmmm got it, thanks a bunch

I agree. Google does not take mass submissions well these days. It gets looked at as duplicate content is how I think about it. You might have better results with fewer submissions to so many sites in mass. It would be more work but if you submit a few across several bookmarking sites over the course of the week you might get better results. It is more organic if you post it manually. It may be the case here that less may yield you more. I’m not an SEO expert but that has been my experience.

hmmm your point also carry some weight, thank you

If you want to submit your blogging articles separately, do it as you do it for your blog url. Just use permalink or published link for submission.

100 social bookmarking per day may look spam. You need atleast 3 days to done it . 100 social bookmarking per week is normal but per day is too much for that .
You may try to hard on social bookmarking while it do not get that huge weight for you to rank well.
You need to look out more methods of SEO to build your link rather than social bookmarking.

very helpful suggestion, thanks a lot

If all articles are submitted in a single day in bookmarking sites it will be considered as spam in Google. But instead if per day one article is submitted it would look natural to search engine like Google which is the most advisable way to attain links.

You need at least 2 or 3 in a day to done it .100 social bookmarking per day should consider spam.