How often to submit to social bookmarking sites


When I create a new article and post it in my blog, then I submit it to social bookmarking sites. I usually submit about 40 social bookmarking sites.

My question is,

how often do I submit to these social bookmarking sites?
should I break them to submit 10 social bookmarking sites per day?
should I submit all 40 social bookmarking sites a day?

Which method is better to index my site or blog?

Thanks very much!
Have a nice day!

I’m extending that question, if we need some more traffic how many bookmarking per URL is enough. Whether there are chances to be considered as spam if we do lot of bookmarking for a single URL.

I think you should spread out your efforts. Consider submitting maybe four each day until you reach the 40 you usually do. Just ask yourself this, do you want to submit all forty in one day and be crawled that one day? Or would you rather submit a little each day and be crawled every day?

If you’ve got a product based website then you need to send updates when your inventory gets updated. You can share a latest offer as well. For NEWS related sites, Twitter and Facebook are ideal networks.

I use social bookmarking often 1 submission per site it is very useful goodluck.

I use social bookmarking only once for new sites unless I have something very interesting to share. For indexing, I just write an article and submit it to eZineArticles with the link in my author’s box.