Something to learn from social bookmarking sites


What happens in SEO if you submit new page or blog article of the same website to the same social bookmarking sites (about 40 sites) every day?

When I submit to these social bookmarking sites on the first month, I got a lot of traffic.

The second month, I got less traffic than the first month.

The third month, I got less traffic than the second month.

The 12th month, I got less traffic than the 11th month.

My traffic goes down.

I don’t know why? Because I submit to the same social bookmarking sites? or what other reasons may cause my traffic goes down?

Should I not submit my new page every day?
How often should I submit new page to social bookmarking sites?

Thanks for reading.

You should submit different articles with various accounts to avoid duplication.

you should use different bookmarking sites as there are number of websites available on net. ELse you can write an article and again submit it to those websites again

I also think what happens is that as time goes on and your posting becomes more frequent, you spend less time on thetitles of each article so that in they end they all kind of morph into one.

That’s what happened to me anyway and now I spend time trying to create great titles on my niche blog so that a reader may want to stop by.

i think you should try to building backlinks for internal pages and try to submit it it doesnt matter if you posting different link everyday on social bookmarking sites if user found its good then definitely he/she visit your site

A typically well conceived plan would involve increasing traffic by studying the bounce rate or stickiness of pages, and then building a user base of people who keep returning to your site and telling their friends. Link building will get you on the map, and even get links to internal pages, but what you describe seems more like you are not doing enough work on your site.