Social bookmarking sites for best SEO method


I learned from this forum that posting my websites, web pages, blog articles to social bookmarking sites and they really helped me in SEO. I got indexed on new pages or article blogs in just a weeks or even days.

I don’t post to popular social bookmarking sites like Digg because they banned me off since my niche is about free dating services so Digg does not like relationship or dating tips.

I just posted to other social bookmarking sites at least once a week.

I don’t know other methods.

I stopped submitting to web directories.

I conclude that social bookmarking sites are best SEO method.

Thanks for reading.

Fair enough, good that everyone on SP has an opinion.

I’m going to disagree.

Posting to social bookmarking sites is one method, but not the best!

Getting indexed does not equal getting ranked.

If you told me that you ranked well because of social bookmarking then i might put stock in your statements. There was never any doubt that social bookmarking aids discovery/crawl/indexation…

I prefer emphasizing on content rich blogs and articles and posting those sites to social bookmarking sites - thus getting links to the blogs and to the main site pages.

SBs are consider as one way link… which is good… you can also try blog, you can post some tips and other related infos about your site… it really helps.

Well, one of the ways that I do to get the most out of social bookmarking sites is that I make sure that I make the title interesting and the description very well said. It makes visitor come more often specially if you associate it with “what is happening” now. Well, in your case maybe you can incorporate it with new romantic movies or something.

Nope. I’ve seen plenty of SBs that are not moderated(lots of spammed links). Only some of the SBs are effective. :smiley:

High traffic social book marking sites give you the boost. The search engines grab titles listed on social book marking sites with in minutes. It can also send large number of traffic to your site or blog in a very short space of time.

try and you can get indexed within hours. twitter and delicious are not bad. if you are running wordpress, you might wanna try making full use of it submits your blog post automatically to SM & SB sites. the only frustrating thing is to set them up, hell yeah it took hours to set them up if you wanna make full use of few dozens of SB & SM sites.

as for directory, try your very best to submit to DMOZ (Open directory) @ I only trust DMOZ. Once you got listed in DMOZ, you dont have to worry about google & yahoo as both SE’s extract updates from DMOZ too.

good luck