Social bookmarking question


I have submitted 10 articles in top 10 article sites and got the approval now I am thinking to do social book marking of all 10 articles. Will it be beneficial or not?

I find it beneficial to bookmark any posts I make to my blogs or articles. You want to boost the popularity of your articles and blogs so they are better links to your main site.

I think it’s good for site.

Social bookmarking indeed leads to more traffic. If the content is really good, the website links spread pretty fast through social bookmarking sites.

You can do bookmarking of the page where you have the articles in your site/blog. Also collect the RSS feeds from blog and submit it to the RSS feed directories. You may post some relevant news to the social networking sites to get it popularized.

yes, it will be benificial

That will help you definitely do the same…

So the majority saying it is good so I will do it.

Thanks to all for their replies. :slight_smile: