Social bookmarking sites and Google indexation

If I bookmark my website in one social bookmarking website, how many days Google can keep my indexation? When does my backlink loose indexation from Google?
For example one social bookmarking website attracts 1000 bookmarks every day, 100 days later they will be 100000 bookmarks before my bookmark. In this case, does Google still keep my indexation?

Most top ranked social sites rank very quickly and continue to stay indexed for several months. Do not stop there. Continue to submit to the social sites. This will help build backlinks.

Thank you guys for your answers!:slight_smile:

Ya once you submit in a good bookmarking sites the google will index it soon no matter the google index 10000000 pages from the same bookmarking site. And you are also not going to sit only submitting in only one bookmarking site. You’ll add many more content and you’ll be promoting many pages from your website. Bookmarks helps you to index as soon as possible and bring traffic at that particular time.

Some social bookmarking sites are No Follow. So check them before submitting. If you are having good Votes for that Social Bookmarked item then Google will keep indexed bookmarked link for longer time.

you can get juice if the social booking is indexed from Google.

If you submit your site in top social bookmarking sites with quality content then google will definitely index your site.