Do you think being indexed by Google after 12 days is fast enough?

i have established my website for about 12 days now, only yesterday Google indexed it. Do you think it was fast enough? I put daily contents in it

12 days sounds ok to me, some people wait months :slight_smile:

It’s OK. I believe that indexing faster than 2weeks is reasonable.

yes I’ve heard too that some even wait for months. but then again adding daily contents really helped my site. Also, they say it would have been much faster if I submitted what they call SiteMap (?)

Yes, and you should really be happy about it since some wait for months. And if you keep asking around and read some threads I’m sure you’ll see some people complaing why its really taking google to get their site indexed…

I have a site that took almost over a month after it was index, so 12 days is pretty much faster…:slight_smile:

thanks, i did only three things, building a sitemap, commenting on about 15 other blogs and bookmarking among 20 popular social sites :slight_smile:

I get new sites indexed in matter of days! A couple of good incoming links is all it takes.

well that’s good, can you share some tips on how to do it? thanks


I simply commented on about 6 others blog and bookmarked among social sites :slight_smile:

Thats good! If google sees the content of your site, if you have some good posts in it and unique visitors so it would be indexed quickly, it could be the domain name also (a good factor).

the fastest I can get is a week…haven’t tried out all the method of fast indexing though…

That’s impressive, I recently found out that there are even companies offering their indexing services for a hefty sum hehe, i don’t know if people really do pay for indexing.

Its one of the thing people don’t need outsourcing! :lol:
what a rip off…sigh

tips:just copy paste the URL below to your browser, and make sure you replaced ‘yourdomain’


don’t really need to try all of it… :wink:

12 days? wow that’s nice. Tell me what’s your secret. :smiley:

hi herlinda,
i only did social bookmarking that’s all and a site map too

Our sites get indexed in few days. It depends on the content of the new page. If it’s relevant to your site, you get indexed faster and ranked higher. Also you have to keep updating your site with new contents eg. blog, articles, news, photos, videos, products, and services. Google spiders come to our sites everyday and sometimes twice a day.

Some pages are indexed within 24 hours. Good for you it is indexed by a short period. Also, there are other pages that are indexed in months. Continue adding additional backlinks and you can have even higher rankings.