So what does everyone use for App Dev using web languages?

I discovered through RPG Maker MV that the entire interface and and main game mechanics are done in Web Languages. In fact when you export for android you do so using crosswalk / cordova.

This lead me to find Ionic framework.
What’s everyone opinion of it?

So far I have been loving my experience with Ionic.
Its likely the most easy time I have had with developing an application in the longest time.
Considering my pedigree or lack there of is in personal safety applications for android.
After that flopped I decided to switch back to Web Dev which i have been working on learning since Highschool. Now here I am. Kinda doing that thing with apps and web. xD

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I just started to use RPG Maker. It has amazing features. We can easily customize our game through a user friendly interface.

His question was about Ionic use. Do you integrate RPG Maker with Ionic?

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It’s not clear what you are asking. Your title is asking us what we are using for developing apps with. Why are you asking this general question? Then in the body you say you want opinions about Ionic. Why are you asking? Can you clarify these things? As it is, your post rambles.

I was telling how i discovered Ionic through my use of RPG Maker.
– In general I’m asking how people like ionic if they use it?

  • If not, what do they use?

Then you are right it does ramble.
Lets try to clear that up:
In all I was just trying to provide insight to what I have done in the past.
As well as explain how I find it easier to work with Ionic than I do the standard android SDK.
I guess in a way I was expressing my opinion and my findings through my experience with both platforms.

As for RPG Maker. Well as the top of my wall of texts suggests, the new framework uses HTML5 / CSS3 and JS under the hood to make it tick. It was only after I dug into that did I think “Well if I can export this game to android as a full on standalone APK app… Then there must be a way to use web languages to build apps. Period.” and then I made the discovery of Ionic and the rest should be fairly self explanatory.

Its pretty slick though isn’t it?

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