How to make applications for android?


I know that java is the offical language to build apps for android (but currently don’t know about that language), but the last week I have seen that it’s possible to create apps for android with frameworks made in javascript (Ionic, react), today worth it to learn a new language like java instead to build an hybrid app with frameworks mentioned above? or it’s totally possible build an app using this technologies (ionic, react), and our apps will works well in android os?


There are many frameworks out there that allow you to use HTML/CS/JS to build apps.

Java isn’t really difficult to learn. I’m in my mobile development course and I already learned Java and we use Android Studio to create the apps.

You start learning Java and that leads to other opportunities as well. Some of my colleagues use Eclipse and NetBeans for their apps, and we use those for Java, and some for PHP.

But asking “is it worth it to learn a new language,” I ask why limit yourself? Java and the C family have many similarities. The thing about programming is there are many tutorials and places to get help if stuck.

I personally have knowledge with HTML, CSS, JS, Java, XML, Freemarker, some C#, C++, close to being a Windows certified administrator, and have been looking into network administration, ethical hacking, and data analytics.


Yeah it’s totally possible to build Ionic/React Native/framework based android apps, and it’s often advised (especially if you’re already a web developer). By the way, these frameworks also create builds for other platforms like iOS, the web, and desktops drastically lowering iteration times and increasing the pool of talent you can tap in to as you scale.

Facebook, AirBnB, Discord, Instagram and many others use these frameworks to build their apps. In fact, React was started by Facebook.

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Because of my background in HTML, CSS, and JS (and because I create apps only occasionally), I chose to go the hybrid route and use Cordova to convert my code for Android and iPhone apps.

If you are going to be serious about creating Android apps, then you might have a go at learning Java, because then it will be native code, which will be (when coded correctly) faster than hybrid code.


Android studio is the best choice to start with.


Why? What reason(s) do you have for your recommendation?

Posts which simply say “this is best” are seldom of any help to anyone. Please provide more details.


Well to create a mobile app you need to learn how to program in Android Studio
Android langage is about Java , XML and some of your creation else than that you can see books or check on Youtube hope i helped you here :slight_smile: good luck

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