5 Ionic App Development Tips and Tricks

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Ionic is an incredibly useful framework for building HTML5 hybrid mobile apps. It is a great starting point for creating Cordova/Phonegap mobile applications, providing common components that can be reused and adapted. Ionic provides a useful CLI (command line interface) that allows you to create, compile, run and export mobile apps with ease. It has gone beyond just a front end framework and is continuously adding new features. Even if all you need is to put together a prototype before building a native app or responsive web app, Ionic is a great choice.

There is plenty of documentation on the Ionic framework, along with plenty of guides to AngularJS (which Ionic currently requires for its JS components). Thanks to this and a simple SDK, it is easy to get a quick prototype completed. However, when learning how to develop with Ionic, there were a bunch of little things which I was still uncertain about how to approach correctly. Often the info existed somewhere but it took a bit of hunting around the web (or trialling a few solutions) to uncover.

In this article, I wanted to provide an overview of some of the most useful things I uncovered, in the hope that it helps new developers get their own apps up and running faster.

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Around the text, “This creates an element of”, you forgot to escape the brackets and the code is swallowed.

Thank you for picking that up! It looks like something was lost in translation when my article was posted up. Will ask the editor to fix it up :smile:

Done. Thanks @raymondcamden for taking the time to point that out :slight_smile:

Done, our code highlighter sometimes doesn’t like HTML tags :frowning:

very nice content patrick ,thank for sharing it :blush:

You’re totally welcome, I appreciate the positive feedback :smile: Glad you found it useful!

Even wen i put add styles into ionic.app.scss some of css want show up :frowning:

It sounds like there’s a bigger issue at play then, it should automatically add your changes… Are there any errors coming up when you run ionic serve?

thank a lot for fast replay,
It works well on browsers, and some for android devices,
but in other device, not all my CSS works, although, my css is just padding and margin elements,
No error shows up on logcat

this is my code on Code pen

http:// ionic-forum-uploads.s3.amazonaws . com/114006a4467fd566c67bbe5394c7fdd679420093dc6bd.PNG

I’m not sure where you’re seeing issues with cross browser compatibility, but check the following page which lists Ionic’s supported browsers - http://ionicframework.com/docs/overview/#browser-support

They don’t support every browser, so it’s possible you’re seeing those issues on an unsupported browser?

Thans a lot :smile:

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