Sitepoint courses moving?

I just received an email from someone called ‘Leni Mayo’ saying all Sitepoint courses are being moved to a brand new educational platform called ‘Learnable’.

And that if I still want access to all the courses I have paid for I need to follow a link… is this true or just a scam of some kind?

Regards, Karl.

Yes it is true. Learnable is a new website from SitePoint where people can also create their own courses. Since they have this new platform they’re moving all their existing courses over there so everything is in one place.

Thanks ScallioXTX…
appreciated, Karl.

I also received this message. It went straight to my spam folder.
I became suspicious because the message didn’t have the same look as any of the other correspondence I have ever received from Sitepoint. (I totally trust Sitepoint) There is no mail template, logos etc. The message says that I MUST click on the link and register to continue using my courses. I have already recently done this.
Also, our mailscanner output a warning message which didn’t help my confidence even though I know that is email marketing tool…

I’m still a little nervous as my user name is Kerberos but the welcome screen says “welcome back Kerberos1” and now it wants me to agree to terms of use. I’m not going to until I find out if I’m really where I think I am.


I just done it kerberos, so I hope your fears are unfounded. You are right though, the email is rather poor quality and that is why I doubted, it asked me to follow this link…
[Link removed —Kevin Yank]

If it is Sitepoint, it is rather a poor show, not their normal high standard you’d expect… or is it ‘Learnable’s’ poor standard? Hmm… who have Sitepoint got into bed with on this one? :open_mouth:

Regards, Karl.

The actual link should be: (so login there with your current user details). Then basically it will transfer/migrate your existing details to the new ‘learnable’ site and then e-mail you with a new password. Then You’ll be able to login into Learnable to access all your previous courses from there.

It’s ‘Campaign Monitor’ the company they were using for the e-mails that is probably triggering the warning but it’s legitimate.

Thanks for the clarification. Thunderbird flagged this email up as a possible scam too, and when I looked the link was not the same as the one in the anchor text. When I thought about it, the phrase “Please do this right away” sounded a bit like a scam too, but I’m glad I came here to check rather than just deleting it. Once I clicked on the link you gave the process was very smooth.

Thanks Richard

Sorry for the undue confusion and concern, folks! Yes, we let our email system go a little overboard adding tracking links to that email.

The message is definitely legitimate and the links are safe to click!

Hello Kevin, So happy to find this forum with someone who has info on your new website with available courses. I just registered at the new website, but only two of my courses I’d paid for showed up because those are the only two that I’d actually enrolled in BEFORE your change was made. I’d planned to take the other courses the first of May when I have more time. How do I enroll in the other (5) courses I’ve paid for without having to pay for them again? At the time I’d made the purchase (Dec 2010), I was told I would have access to the (7) courses for one year. I’ve been looking for instructions on how to enroll in these other courses on the new site without paying for them again, but can’t seem to find any instructions. If I post my order number, can you activate them in my account for me? Thanks in advance for your help!

joombug, please e-mail, they will sort you out :slight_smile:

I migrated my two courses over to Learnable yesterday at the prompting of the email I received. I did NOT, however, get any email with instructions for signing on. While I was there, I was able to access my courses, and even signed up for another one, which I started. Then, I closed my browser, and when I went back to the Learnable site, it wanted me to login. I tried with my SitePoint userid and password, but that does not work. I clicked on the “Forgotten my password” link (which did not work at all for several hours yesterday) and though the screen says I will receive an email with instructions on how to reset my password “in a few minutes”, I have yet to receive this email - or any email from Learnable! I’ve been at this for more than 24 hours now. Very frustrating!

Does anyone have any suggestions? Would appreciate ANY help! Suz

suzshook, have you checked your SPAM box?

Yes, I surely did! And I’ve sent off several emails to Learnable, and to SitePoint. Kevin Yank has responded to all those, but he keeps referring to that original email which I never received. He also suggested that I try the “fixed” “Forgot my password” link, which as I originally posted, I’ve done several times, to no avail. Suz

Your best bet is to e-mail again with what you just said. Maybe ask them to reset your password manually and sent it over to you?

Disclaimer: I don’t work for Sitepoint. I’m just a volunteer here on the forums.

Thank you! I just tried that. Hopefully, someone can help me. Thanks again for your help. Suz

Hi Suz,

Sorry to hear our “Forgotten your password?” link is still not working for you! Assuming you’ve let us know either via Learnable or SitePoint e-mail support (the address for the latter is, not, we’ll be sure to get you sorted out first thing Monday morning.

Thanks, Kevin. Someone at SitePoint wrote to tell me that my emails were being blocked by Trend Micro, which is very strange, since I don’t even use any Trend Micro software! However, this same gentleman was able to send me my password reset link, and I am now able to access my courses. Thanks again for all your help, Kevin. Suz