Learnable / Sitepoint interaction

Hi Sitepoint (& Learnable)

I have bought many Sitepoint publications in both physical and electronic formats (thank you xmas offer…) and at the same time I bought 7 months of Learnable membership. I am very happy with both and learning something new everyday, but I have some suggestion that would definately make life even better.

  1. Mark in learnable in the area “My Books” the ones that as Sitepoint customers we have bought
  2. Make the books we have bought digitally available for redownload from learnable (i.e. mark them in the same way as when you use a credit - I bought PHP Master and would be upset if I had to use a credit to redownload the same book from Learnable)
  3. Suggest the courses that go well with our book purchases - i.e. JavaScript Programming for the Web (course) Simply Javascript (book)

This is purely a Learnable suggestion. The videos can be downloaded for a credit so you can learn offline (great) but you have to manually copy the text sections - Can’t you create a file for these for easy reference?

And finally how about some android apps or mobile versions of the Sitepoint/Learnable sites - This is a webdesign resource and its the fast growing field - yes I know about tapatalk but thats just for the forum.


Chris Pettipiere

I realize this is a really old post, but I agree that Sitepoint has an opportunity to link the experience between the two domains more seamlessly. Even something simple like enabling SSO between the two sites would be great.

When I can sign into Sitepoint Forums with my Google account, but need a separate user id/password for Learnable, I then wonder if I’m the odd duck because I’d like to synchronize my activity on both.

Plus, this could also open doors for forums to replace the discussion threads on courses, which we have already established isn’t the best user experience.

Just thoughts for consideration. Cheers!

I believe one of the reasons for choosing Discourse for the forums is that it will allow for better integration between the forums, Learnable and the main SitePoint articles. However, I think it might take a while to get everything in place.

@HAWK can maybe enlighten us further.

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Hey @codemaestro, thanks for the feedback. I totally agree with you, we could do a lot with the Learnable community experience and @technobear is correct, we do have plans to look at how we could integrate the two. My priority right now is getting it up and running smoothly here, and then I’ll tackle the next step. Any ideas are most welcome.