Have you heard of Learnable?

Learnable is SitePoint’s learning environment, which grants you access to over 5000 videos, SitePoint books, exclusive discussions with teaching assistants, and teaching notes in courses that cover a wide range of content. If you want to take your web design and development skills to the next level, Learnable is for you.

We’re offering a special trial for SitePoint Forum members to become better developers. This trial offer is just $1.

If you’ve used Learnable before, I’d love to know what you think. What kind of courses and videos would you like to see more of? What do you think you need to grow your skill level?

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Spamming your own site huh? :wink:

I have heard of Learnable. As much as I want to spend some time with something like that, I never appear to have time to concentrate on it for the amount of time needed. I’d prefer to do one of those immersive programmes, as I actually feel that’s the only way I’d learn what I need to. Until then, it seems like it will be 30 minutes one week, a couple of hours a fortnight later and fall asleep reading something the next day - life is not on my side sometimes… :confounded:

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I know the feeling

Just signed up. Forgot to do so when you PM’d me earlier about this.

I’ll start the courses and books tonight and hopefully it’s worth me to renew (I have to set to not renew.)

Perhaps some sort of “difficulty level” could be applied. I’m not sure how advanced some of these courses are.

I can completely understand that! The courses are designed to be taken at the pace you want, so if you want to spend all afternoon on a course you can, or you can spread it out over as many days or weeks as you like.

Each course comes with a difficulty level - beginner, intermediate, advanced.

The best thing (in my opinion anyway) is what we call ‘Paths’ - you choose what Path you want to take, ie. become a CSS master or focus on backend website development, and we tell you which courses to take to help you achieve that goal.

Perhaps having that information on the home screen of hte course/book layouts would be nice. I see the difficulty if I click a book or course but it’d be easier to have it on the home screen so I can keep scrolling until I find something I want and don’t hae to individually open up stuff to find out what I could learn. Perhaps also a sort filter could be applied if I wanted. Just speaking outloud. Thanks.

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I have a membership, I also haven’t had the time, but I’m planning to use it a bit this coming week, so I’ll get back to you if I do.

My biggest thought is just keep going. Keep expanding the library. CMS or Frameworks that aren’t covered yet, or new versions. Any and everything!

Never heard of it,

I have a membership but soooo little time :frowning:

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