Is it possible to have two sitemaps…One in XML and other in HTML?

i do not see any till now. all only have only one. why to have two?

HTML sitemaps work best for humans while XML sitemaps work best for bots. Use both and be merry!

Yes, possible but you should prefer the .xml sitemaps.

Yes definitely, why not? You can have some fixed HTML sitemap pages which in most cases would be enough to tell Google and the other search engines of the pages URLs and at the same time create an XML file and then submit it to your Google Webmaster Tools panel which would help getting more pages indexed in the long term.

Sitemap creation is usually done in the on page optimization. You will have to create a html sitemap and generate a xml sitemap.

Xml sitemaps are best for search engine and html site maps are best for human.

The sitemap in XML helps crawlers of search engines and the HTML version helps users. So there will be no problem in using both.

I have to agree with having two sitemaps:

The XML one is (of course) useful for search engines like Google who want to not only find all of your links but get info relative to when and how the information should be indexed. While you could just have an HTML sitemap, it’s become pretty apparent that spiders prefer / like a dedicated (and simple) map to navigate using.

The HTML one is a useful addition for humans, your visitors may want to find a specific page and having a list of your pages (categorised) can help them find what their looking for. Having just an XML sitemap won’t help visitors as they can’t simply visit it and click on the link that appeals to them most (in the section they require).

hey AlexDawson,

if you know about any website having two site mapes, then please post here the link.

I want to make a blog with has only a HTML sitemap. but it does not have XML one. Also I do not know XML language. Please suggest me any perfect software to make that.


We generate both the site maps but not for the site one is for the Google webmaster tools which is xml form and other one for the website which can be in html form…