Sitemap Related Issue

Hello Users,

I am working on promotion of <snip>.com…
I am doubtful about sitemap required for website.
Can I add all three sitemaps (xml sitemap, ror sitemap and html sitemap) together.

Please reply … I am waiting

Hi Aksaini,

Normally search engines won’t give any special credit to websites with sitemap. But it’s better to add XML and HTML sitemap. This will help search engine to access your internal pages easily. Also HTML sitemap help users to easily overview your website pages. So i suggest you to add HTML and XML site map. This is a good practice.
Note:Give link of your HTML site map in home page. It will help visitors to access it easily.


You can add XML and HTML sitemap both are important for a website, xml for search engines and html for users.
xml sitemap help search engines to access your site pages and html sitemap help users to overview your web pages without searching whole site structure.