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Hi guys, i am new please help me how to increase website/pages speed
this is my site:

Welcome to the forums, @musman8931.

This is your home page:

and this is your “Tech Guides” page.

As you can see, the bulk of your page weight is coming from your images and your styles sheets. Firstly, ensure your images are optimised. Then take a good look at your style sheets, which seem excessively large to me. Check whether there are unused styles you can remove to reduce the size. Then use compression to reduce the size of your documents, styles and scripts.

Investigate the following:

Sample page over 5Meg loads in about one second.


Hmm, have a look at this article. There are relevant point and tips which are easy to use especially for the beginner.

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Hi there,
welcome okay I will share you some that will really help you… Open…

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Hi, yes today speed is the main concern. I have read an article to speedupwordpress which will speed up your wordpress site. Please read this article i am sending the link which is very informative.


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