Site banned?

I am brand spanking new to the SEO world but I am learning slowly. One of my sites has over 6000 search results when I search my domain in google as “mydomain”". This number is based on our press release and other link building campaigns such as submitting to social bookmarking sites.

The site is about 1-2 months old.

We just go rid of (2 days ago) the “no index no follow” the dumb-*** programmer forgot to remove from our site. The same day we uploaded the site map to google.

When I type in the domain name in a google search with the extension (“mydomain”) a link to the site shows up as the first result…But no description below. Its been like this for a few weeks now. I’m hoping it because of the “no index no follow” and google still has not had the chance to list the site yet and that I should just be patient and wait.

Anybody, please help

You say that you uploaded your sitemap to Google. Was this through the Google Webmaster Tools? If not, I recommend that you add your site there and upload the sitemap. Generally speaking, your sitemap path should also be defined within your robots.txt file.

If you’ve done this and submitted your sitemap to Google all you can really do is wait. The more links to your website the better chance you have of being reindexed faster but it’s probably not going to make much of a difference.

Let us know how it goes.

Well here is what I found out. I am a newbie to SEO, so be nice.

First let me explain why I thought it was banned.

My clients website is a remake of his old one, completely remodeled, new ip, new domain, new whois, (though im not sure if this matters). Why the remodel, well he had an affiliate that was doing some weird spam thingy, he didnt go into details, that got him banned. It made him alot money and he said at the time he didnt think it mattered what the affiliate was doing. Rightfully it got him banned, and his new signups DROPED the only thing keeping him a float is the current user base.

So now that you got the history, back to my findings…

The reason why my domain name would come up in a search result without the description is because of Chrome, it remembered I searched it before. Its a setting by Chrome, I dont remember what its called.

But as far as the “no index, no follow”, the site admin reports that Google has crawled over 20k pages of the site, the day after we removed the “no index no follow”. Im not sure if its because the removal of the “no index, no follow” or because he uploaded the site map that Google crawled it. This might be a sign its not banned.

I wanted to try a test to see if the site was banned by Google or if its just not indexed yet. This might be some useful info for some one. For this explanation im going to call my clients site that I think is banned as: maybebannedsite.

First, I created a quick Wordpress blog for “maybebannedsite” ,(which I will call: maybebannedsiteblog) and gave it some quick content. Then I dugg it on Digg, (duhh), and after 8 hours, it came up first when I searched for it by its full domain with the dugg article beneath it.!!?? Which means Digg got me indexed. Not just that the maybebannedsiteblog comes up 4th in a serp when “maybebannedsite” is searched (without the “blog” word in the search) and second in the serp if you do a search for “maybebannedsite” with the tld extension. Why hasn’t maybebannedsite showed up yet when you search for it in Google? Is it banned or is it still recovering from “no follow no index”?

I will report again when I find out more, if any one cares.

As I posted the above I realized something. Maybe “maybebannedsite” does not have the keywords: “maybebannedsite” in the meta tags, so I checked, and it doesn’t!! “maybebannedsiteblog” does, (bumping forehead) it has this:

<link rel=“canonical” href=“http://maybebannedsiteblog

This must be something the Wordpress extension “All in one seo pack” did.

Hmmmmm, could this be it, I bet it is. Newbies

(note to self: going to have to research what a canonical link is.)