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Greeting to everyone!
How are you guys doing?I have a client who has 3 businesses that are closely related to each other. Now he wants a site for all the 3 businesses on 3 separate domains. Then he wants a different domain with only a homepage that has 3 categories linking to all the above domains. I guess this would amount to going against Google’s policy. I believe quite a few companies have been unindexed for having a domain that is linked to other domains. What do you guys think about it? Any inputs and suggestions are welcome.


You are saying that Google might ban a company because its site contains links to some other site? How is that possible? Almost every site on the web has at least one link to at least one other site.

Based on what you’ve said, I can’t see any reason for your client being banned because of what what is is proposing. But it won’t do him any good either. Given that the fourth site only contains one page, and that page only contains links to the other three sites, then the fourth site will never show up in a search, and no external site will ever link to it. In other words, it will have no value whatever.

As for the question of whether each of the businesses should have its own domain, that depends on how the client want to brand his business, and how the visitors view the relationship between the businesses. In other words, it’s a business decision, not an SEO one.


There is a RV site that does this. He has 500 different domain names all with different content all linking to same page. He dominates google home page. At least he did a year ago. Don’t know if now

Most business owners have trouble creating content for one site. I’ve had a few clients ask about having separate domains for different businesses that are related and can easily be on one domain. I always encourage them to have one domain and focus on building popularity and content for a single domain rather than having three domains with very little content.

I agree with Mikl that it doesn’t make much sense that google would penalize a couple sites for linking to each other. The whole WWW would be penalized in that case.

That’s a good idea,
Simply create sub-domains in main domain…will consider all the above points…
Make url structure like…

EX: [noparse][/noparse]

Create subdomains of different business criteria like
like that…
This was the basic concept when we want to add blog to our site…silly we can add our business to main domain which is good for your business according to SE…

I don’t think you even need the subdomain route since they’re seen as a single entity by Google these days. I’d go the sub-directory route only because it’s technically easier to manage than sub-directories (though if sub-domains are easier for you, go for it).

I agree with the above on content. Most business owners can’t handle updating a single site, let alone three, and unless the owner has three EMD’s or something for the different business types it makes no sense to separate the sites.