Sites goes live but can Google index it?

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Is my site blocking search engine crawlers. My site has been live a week and I can tell it does not appear in Google organic search results. Yes I may be being impatient but I just want to know if my site is blocking the bots from indexing my site. Also is there a tool out there just to answer this rather that the glut of free reports that spew out a “You score 1 / 1000 you need our SEO experts now blah blah”.

P.S. I have just registered the site to track in Google Search Console (5 mins ago) and it reports, “Processing data, please check again in a day or so” :slight_smile:

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Getting a site on Google can take time. I looked at your site and I didn’t see anything that would block the googlebot. Here are some tips to get your site on Google faster:

  • Add a sitemap.xml file. This tells Google what pages to crawl.
  • Request your sitemap to be indexed. You can do this is the search console.

Good luck!

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1 week seems toooo short…
Maybe you should take at least one month, surely it also depends on your off-site promotion…
Check the Search Console on crawling and indexing status of your site. Ye, to ensure a crawl and index, you’d better create a XML sitemap and robot.txt…
And still, your site is still http, not https?

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And that’s your answer to “can Google crawl my site?”. If it encounters any problems, they will show up there.

You might find this helpful:

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Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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