Simple Payment Solution

Is there a straightforward way to implement an online payment form? I am reading that a payment ‘gateway’ is Do they provide the coding for the form, or do I have to figure that out myself?

Several years ago, I used and implemented that with Is there anything like this available that is less complex in that I don’t need a store–I just need a form that can accept a payment that the user determines.

Thanks for your help!

Singersower is a gateway but they are not the gateway. There are others.

Depending on your goal vendors like can provide a page for people to transact on or API code that runs behind the scenes to be seamless to your user.

While the quickest route is certainly using their page, this breaks the style during a conversion and can increase the abandoment rate of purchases so it’s really a question of what you want, higher sales down the road, or savings now.

Hmm, well- the site isn’t for ‘clients’ to make sales…which is why I’m trying not to install an entire store/shopping cart system. It is simply to receive payments from patients that wish to make payments online instead of mailing them.

Thank you for your input :slight_smile:

You should be able to do some light customization which may be enough but remember, in a world filled with fraud, people get nervous going to sites that are not clearly yours so put the time in to making it look good.

The easiest way is going with Paypal to process payments. It doesn’t cost you anything up front they just take a small part of the trasaction. It is much better IMO than going with some other type of merchant account where you usually have to pay a monthly fee and/or keep to a minimum amount of transactions per month. Paypal is a pretty widely known service so more than likely anyone who normally makes online transactions would recognize it. It is very easy to integrate paypal payments into a website as well.

I’m planning to use Paypal Payment System for my next project and it is a WordPress powered blog integrating paypal on it. Is there anyone here using the same system? How about listing some of those blogs so we can have idea on how to do it correctly?

Will you be using PayPal’s Payment Pro system which allows for a seamless integration via API or just the standard PayPal system with links over to their payment gateway?

Good point although from what I’ve read & seen on client sites, it’s still a mixed bag…

PayPal is well known by people in certain categories and for sites that sell goods like low ticket electronics / media/ auction products it can be more reputable [and easier] than buying directly from a site.

However it is not an absolute and does not have total awareness or trust, not even close. As such dropping off a customer at PayPal can have a high abandonment rate versus a Visa / Master Card logo on your site. Change is scary when you’re buying something and all the sudden the site is entirely different with a new logo. While PayPal has grown to be huge, it’s not synonymous with purchasing online, it is however a great option for the millions using it.

In B2B this changes to the “appearance” of the system. I’ve certainly paid businesses I work with via PayPal but the impression is not the same as someone who has an integrated system: it doesn’t come off with the same sense of scale or size which may not be an issue here but for many businesses it certainly is.

Going one way or another is not necessarily better or worse. It’s a tradeoff people need to consider for their business and customers and often times the solution is both.

I’d suggest at least starting out with PayPal since it is free and widely known. If, down the road, you want to take credit cards as well, PayPal offers “Website Payments Pro” which is like what you would get with AuthorizeNet. You are still going to need some way to hook that service up to an online web site, such as FreshBooks.

For WordPress-based ecommerce, the WP-Ecommerce module is widely used and pretty good: WordPress e-Commerce Plugin a WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin by Instinct | Instinct Entertainment