Simple css question

On my page:

In the top box in the right sidebar there is an h2 tag styled the way I want it that reads “UPDATE:”. The following line that says “text here” needs to be on the same line as “UPDATE:”, but I don’t want it styled line the h2 tag. How can I do this? thanks.

The CSS only specifies a special color for the h2 in .box:

#sidebaraboutus .box h2 {
  color: #00AFEF;

The rule for the h2 in .box2 does not specify a color, so it uses the default body color. On line 490, you need:

#sidebaraboutus .box2 h2 {
    color: #00AFEF;

Duh. I have been looking at code too much lately…I had text-color: #00AFEF;
there…wtf was I thinking, lol. Thanks for pointing this out, problem resolved.

I spanned it. The text that reads “Subscribe To Our Mailing List” at the top of the second box changed colors, it was the sane blue as the “UPDATE:” text in the top box.

Did span it or put it Inline?

and what changed where? lol

That worked, but now I have another issue.

All I changed was what you suggested, so I don;t see what is going on here. In the bottom box “box2” the top line of text is not being affected by the css, it is the wrong color. I tried to change the color to a few different ones to see if it changed the text color, but it did not. Am I missing something?

I would say display all elements in that area INLINE, or just put a <span> in there and style it to look like a h2, either way both should work