Text Link Not Changing Colour

I’ve been working on this and you’ll see the NEWSLETTER SIGN-UP link is dark blue right now, I really need it to be white.

Tried to accomplish this but it didn’t seem to work.

Also is there an easy way without changing to much of my html and css to incorporate a list below where I have Upcoming Events

Here is the link…




Hi, you try to set the color to white on “li#newsletter a” but on “#top_menu ul li a” you set a blue font color and that’s overridding the other.

Change the li#newsletter a{} to

#top_menu li#newsletter a{}
li#newsletter a:link{

I don’t see a easy way, but I could be wrong.

Thanks Ryan, yea that fixed it up.

Any easy way how I could get a list in the Upcoming Events spot that I have without editing too much information. I’m using my old template, if needed I will make the changes if you think of an easy way that I could go about it. Only way I can think of is making the image div desc div aligned left and then add in a new div for the events next to it.



The only way I can think of is to absolute position a DIV and move it over underneath the upcoming events. Since your blue area and upcoming share the same DIV, you’d have to split it up for it to work with a float.

Other than that, you’d have to re-engineer, or wait on someone else with a better vision than I might have.

Hi, it depends on what you mean, HOrizontal list? Vertical? It doesn’t matter too much I mean, but you will need to do this. Right before the “div#promodesc” div (with the class=“right”) you will need to create a div there, floated right width like…a width of 336px (if you want the ENTIRE thing covered)

Now, since your adding an element of 336px you will need to make room for that

So change the width of hte “div#promodesc” to 332px

Ok, excellent thanks alot and it will be a vertical list.