Help needed with simple CSS problem

Hi there - hope you can help me.

I’ve been trying to play around with the H2 tags which appear in my Wordpress blog. You can see an example at the following URL:

The H2 tag is the one that reads “Similar posts you may be interested in.”

Basically, I can change the colour, font and size of the header all in the CSS file. For some reason though, I just can’t change the amount of space I want at the top of the header.

I’ve tried ‘padding-top’ and ‘margin-top’ without any luck whatsoever.

Can anyone point out where I’m going wrong? I’d really like some more space between the end of the news article and the H2 tag that follows it.

Thanks very much

it may be a specificity issue. I could look at all your CSS, I didn’t see any rule with
#crp_related h2{padding-top…} that should do it.

Thanks very much for your reply dresden - much appreciate it.

The only issue is that I’ve put in the #crp_related h2 rule, but it still doesn’t appear to be having any effect. Even if I stick the padding at 50px; the header just isn’t moving down.

Thanks again for your help


Your padding is there like you stated. But you’re setting it on an inline element (h2 is set to display: inline for some reason) inside a block element (div).
There it is.

If you let the header remain a block like it normally is by default, you’ll suddenly see all that padding show up on the page : )

Though another option is to increase bottom margin on the p above if you want.


Thank you!