h2 inside a div problem

Hi - please can anyone see why browsers are not seeing the css h2.blue on this page (I see firebug doesn’t see it either):


h2.blue {padding:5px 0 0 20px; background:white; font:bold 1.2em/1.5 “Arial Black”,sans-serif; color:blue; text-align:left}

<div class=“flft w70”>
<h2 class=“blue”>I No Longer Support Water Ionizers…</h2></div>

Only dodo IE6 obeys the css!

thank you - Val

It’s because you have an error in the css on the line before:

h2.lftsm {display:block; padding:10px 0;
	font:bold 1.1em Helvetica,sans-serif; text-align:left}
	font:bold 1.2em "Arial Black",sans-serif; color:blue; text-align:left; border:1px solid blue;}

Note the bracket after text-align:left which should be a semi:colon.

Hi - good to hear from you Paul :slight_smile: thank you! It works now. That line above h2.blue was only temp to tell me how to code h2.blue and I forgot to delete it! I always feel so dumb when I see my error is because I didn’t look closely enough.