Cross platform mobile development?


I would like to build cross platform mobile applications.
e.g: I would like to use one programing language or other method (framework/ide?) to build the mobile application and for it to be able to run on: iPhone, Symbian, Google Anroid and more.

I found a few solutions: “phonegap”, “appcelerator titanium”, “rhomobile”, openplug elips, unity3d and ansca corona

but than I saw this:

is there a cross platform mobile development solution that will also work with iPhone 4 ? or newer ones?

Creating a website is a cross platform solution. Now… if you would also like to deploy actual native applications the things you have listed are good solutions for that given an already existing website.

The link you have posted isn’t relevant anymore, the restrictions on these types of sdk have been lifted, any of those you mentioned can be used legitimately for iPhone 4 apps

forget the link I posted. just ignore it.
I want to build an applictaion, not a website. like an answering machine application for example.


Try with these cross platform environments for mobile apps

Dont all devises got diverent screen sizes? and so diverent resolution, so is it even possible to write an app or page for mobile devises that work well on all devises?

Yes, they do. But it is easy enough to cater for all screen sizes. And that is what these services do.

I would not suggest MoSync. I have seen what MoSyncs output looks like, and it is terrible. 1 iOS app was written in only C in 1 massive file with obfiscated methods and 999+ warnings.

Doesn’t jquery mobile effectively solve this?

jQuery mobile is a cross platform mobile website library. The multi-platform solutions mentioned above generates native code for each platform. It takes your html and javascript and generates applications for the different platforms. It is not a web app.

in my original post I was talking NOT referring about web applications - those do not interest me.
for example I would like to make an application that gives a diffrerent ring for every number calling you (I know there is an app for this aleady)
the app should be written in one programing language and work on every phone or in most of them

The problem with that specific application is that it will not work on iOS. iOS does not expose methods to catch incoming calls. Until iOS 5, a user could not even set a custom ringtone. But you can use PhoneGap or others mentioned above to build other applications.