How to use silverlight application on IPHONE


We have develop one application in silverlight…

We want more information about how we can use this silverlight application on IPHONE.

Basic requirement is silverlight application should work on IPHONE.

Please let me know how it is possible…
Any pointers related to this always appreciable…

Please help us…


I’m pretty sure that the iPhone does not support Silverlight. :frowning:

Write an iPhone (or HTML5) app simulating the silverlight app.

Apple has pretty much locked down the iPhone as much as possible. You will be very hard pressed to get anything on there unless its written in Objective-C and OpenGL ES. You could also use something like PhoneGap, which you code in html and javascript and it generates Objective-C for you.

Oh yes, and all this must be done on a Mac

No Silverlight, but there is MonoTouch.

I would not suggest MonoTouch just yet. As it is very expensive and apple will not approve any apps built in monotouch. But apparently talks are still on, and they will make a final decision weather it goes against their terms of service or not

Thanks for your reply. Would you please elaborate ‘Write an iPhone (or HTML5) app simulating the silverlight app.’. Please give me some more information.

HTML 5 is just a website optimized of iPhone. As the iPhone supports HTML 5.

do you mean, simulating means … we can make HTML 5 as a bridge between Iphone and Silverlight …or anything else?

No, you will have to try and recreate your silverlight app as much as possible with html5 and javascript.

ashish: Keeping it simple, you can’t use Silverlight to produce iPhone apps (end of story).

You’ll have to change your coding environment to a different language to build for the device. :slight_smile: