Show me your Christmas fridge

Mine is full, but I’m working hard to get it emptied :smiley:

Is that your Christmas fridge or every day fridge? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m too lazy to take a picture of mine, but it looks something like this:


holy moley!!! :lol: i bet you are trying ur best to clear that one out crazy, jeeze u know im actually surprised u didnt say show us ur christmas fridgeS lol :lol:

id show mine but then ud know who i was and ud hunt me down :shifty:


pfft, I don’t believe you. I know some of your affiliate-income has ended up in your fridge. I can see your fridge using Google Earth :shifty:

Oh yes! Tonight I’m making Tikka masala as a late snack :smiley:

and, I actually do have one more, but it’s a freezer and contain other types of food :lol:

You have a fridge with name, picture and address on, - how cool :stuck_out_tongue:
you are probably the only one I know that can be traced by their fridge :lol:

:lol: i figured you would have a back up fridge crazy :rofl:

:lol: @ traced, yeah well i was messing - sorta :shifty:, but theres nothing really in our fridge at the moment as we go home for christmas time so we stock up on fresh things when we get back so its a bit bleak :rofl:

i bet sauls fridge is in his room next to his beer cooler and cigar holder :lol: filled full of pizzas and donuts and sweeties and “cuke” :lol:

:shifty: Sounds good!

What’s up with the cuke though? :shifty:

havent u watched the I.T crowd saul? have a look for the episode of Friendface :lol: then you’ll understand :rofl:

Beer… Saul is an amateur :p, I just had a friend here with a bottle of Cognac - now, that’ll put hair on your chest :smiley:

jeeze, my christmas cake is full of cognac, the cherries are saturated i near coughed to death when i had them :lol: lovely though :tup: - i hope ur fridge isnt getting empty crazy :rofl:

saul did you find the cuke reference yet?

sounds like some cake :smiley:

I have eaten cake/chocolate and all kinds of sweet for breakfast, lunch, dinner etc… every day now, and now I’m emptying a sack of chocolate, and the next on the list will be a box of 4L ice cream :stuck_out_tongue:

aaaahh… what a life… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I remember.

I wonder what so much sugar can do to an already crazy banana… :stuck_out_tongue:

Jeeeeez you crazy banana, get a hold of yourself. Do you have some sugar plums in there too?

I refuse! :stuck_out_tongue:

nope no sugar plums, but I got several KG of Norwegian Milk Chocolate. Does that count ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, we let you getaway with kgs of chocolate, although the dark kind would be better for you :smiley: (My excuse anyhow :weee:)

i think he ****POPPED***** in the night :eek2:

Mine was empty as I wasn’t at home on Christmas :smiley: But, we did fill it before and now after with lots of treats :smiley:

I think i better slow down a bit for a while. after only 800G i feel sick…
But I’ll be back! :smiley:

pfft, I’m a viking, - i can handle it :smiley:

Sorry, but I’m afraid we need some photo proof. so go get your camera…:eye:

Four litres of ice cream? You really really are, well the first word in your username. :goof:

I say that with all the love in the world though. But seriously. Your poor tummy … I guess we should be glad that Christmas is over. :eye:

As for the fridge, ours looked similar to yours. Not as stuffed but … close! However, we buy and buy so much during the Christmas days and eat very little so the fridge is still almost as full as it was. Minus the giant turkey and a few cookies.

What flavour was the ice cream?

ooo vienetta…:sick: