Should you include the city with the keyword?

I know that you need to work on finding the right keywords and use maybe two or three. Put them in the title, description, <H1> and content.

My question is if you have a business in only 1 city - say - Tampa should you put Tampa after your keywords or does Google take care of that for you?

Seems like it does.

For example if I have a clothing store in Tampa and use the following keywords (clothing, shoes, belts). Should the descriptin say “See us for all your clothing, shoes and belts in the Tampa area”?

The reason I ask is that I see my competition submitting keywords that have the city after them. Ie. my top competition uses the folowing keywords:

website design, website design tampa, internet maketing, internet marketing tampa

The majority of businesses are local to a city. Sometimes 2 or 3 cities. Thus should they list each keyword 4 times - 1. by itself 2. the keyword followed by city 1 3. the keyword followed by city 2 and 4. they keyword folowed by city 3?

Seems like alot of keyword phrases.

Should the title tag say “Clothing, Shoes, Belts in the Tampa, Clearwater, St Petersburg area’s”.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

If your site is particularly targeting one geographical area, yes, make sure you mention it. Don’t go overboard with it, because (a) you want your principal key words and phrases to be about your business, rather than your location, and (b) if people from out of the area find your site, they might still be interested in doing business with you.

Try to make the language as natural as possible, so that it reads like something you want to read, rather than something put out by the Eliza bot.

The <meta keywords> tag is ignored completely by Google. It’s unlikely that worrying about whether to have “web design, web design tampa, web design clearwater, web design st petersburg, web design florida” or “web design, tampa, clearwater, st petersburg, florida” is going to make any meaningful difference to your traffic, given that (a) it won’t make much difference to your rankings, search engines aren’t that stupid, and (b) it only affects the less well-used search engines, so you’ll usually only be getting a small proportion of your traffic from them anyway.